Our Parks

Take a Hike, Bike, or Run! Created in 1977, the Clark County Park District continues to acquire, develop, conserve, and maintain unique natural areas, for all of us to enjoy. Our parks include:

Hertzler House, George Rogers Clark ParkGeorge Rogers Clark Park
Established in 1930, George Rogers Clark Park became the first Clark County Park District park in September, 1984. Take a relaxing hike through this 250 acre historic site, which features old growth and new forests, meadows, hills, fields and streams. Hoesterman Lake allows for canoeing and fishing and picnic and shelter house areas are located throughout the park. Visit the Hertzler House Museum, circa 1850, for a tour 1880’s style, and learn more about the history of the area and the famous Peckuwe Village Battle Site at the Davidson Interpretive Center. In addition to the historic monuments, Mad River Preserve, and on-going archeaological excavations, this park abounds with activities throughout every season of the year.

Estelle Wenrick Wetlands Preserve, Medway, Ohio
Estel Wenrick Wetland Preserve
Spend an afternoon roaming this 255 acres of high-quality wetlands and woodlands, and you will come back relaxed! The trails through this preserve provide both bird watchers and hikers the opportunity to enjoy many thriving species of indigenous Ohio waterfowl, like the blue heron.

Little Miami Scenic Trail & Prairie Grass Trail
Little Miami Scenic Trail & Prairie Grass Trail
Explore Clark County’s system of trails and bikeways on the Ohio to Erie Trail, stretching from Cincinnati to Cleveland. The Little Miami Scenic Trail runs along the old Little Miami Railway and travels approximately 70 miles through the towns of Xenia, Yellow Springs, Morrow, and South Lebanon. The Prairie Grass Trail is a 38-mile section of the 325-mile Ohio to Erie Trail, which stretches from the Ohio River to Lake Erie.

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